AU Payroll and HR Glossary

Discover the meaning of the latest AU payroll and HR terms and abbreviations with this free glossary.


Recruiting Recruiting is the term for attracting, engaging, assessing and hiring new talent for work in a business. Beforehand, it involves identifying the skills gap in the organisation, using recruitment technologies and confirming the budget as well as responsibilities of the hiring team.

Recruitment Recruitment is the term for the whole process of hiring new talent into the business. This process involves identifying, attracting, interviewing, choosing, engaging and then onboarding the right candidate.

Recruitment services Recruitment services are external firms whom a company will hire to find the right candidates to fill vacancies. Using an external recruiter can save time and money, particularly in specialist sectors, as the company’s internal network may not have the same reach.

Recruitment software Recruitment software helps to make the recruitment process easier for HR teams, from finding and engaging the right candidates, to screening CVs, and sending out offer letters.

Remittance A remittance is the technical term for a payment of a liability. It can refer to payments made to an employee (such as salary or overtime), or the record of these payments.

Renumeration Renumeration is another word for wages, or salary, paid in exchange for services performed for an organisation. Increasingly popular additions to pay are wellness benefits, such as shopping discounts, health or financial advice.