Time and Attendance

Reduce time theft, minimise payroll leakage and improve workforce visibility when you integrate Payroll and Time.

Simple and effortless workforce management

Reduce pay errors, adjustments and admin time with a fully integrated payroll and time solution. Gain visibility and transparency into your workforce in real time. Manage your teams, improve your productivity and reduce your costs.

Simplified, centralized workforce management for all industries

ICN Streamlined Timekeeping

Streamlined Timekeeping

Automate the tracking of hours, eliminate human intervention and buddy punching with tamper proof technology.

ICN Easy Data Collection

Easy Data Collection

Capture attendance through biometric systems or a mobile App, whether in the office or field.

ICN Real-time Insights

Real-time Insights

Putting you in control with powerful insights and real-time reporting for scheduling and cost management.

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A single, accurate, real-time view of employees

ICn Easy Scheduling

Easy Scheduling

Quickly create unlimited shift schedules and easily upload and publish shift rosters.

ICN Leave Tracking

Leave Tracking

Up to date employee leave balances with simply manager approval workflows.

ICN Access anywhere, at any time

Access anywhere, at any time

Employee self-service capabilities available on their mobile phone, including geo targeting to reduce time theft.

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Get help taking control of staffing costs 

You could reduce errors in your time-tracking by nearly 30%*.

*Total Workforce Management 2013: The State of Time and Attendance, Aberdeen Group, July 2013.

Get help taking control of staffing costs

Tracking time is an important part of managing your staff costs. And, as you grow, this can become more challenging. With ADP, managing and improving your business’s time and attendance process just got easier.

With time tracking and payroll reporting from ADP, you can visualise the true costs of staff — including temporary staff — and adjust hours as necessary.

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