ADP® Payline

Designed for small business, ADP Payline is an extremely secure payroll and payslip solution that runs in the cloud.

Run payroll with ease

Streamline the way your small business runs payroll with ADP Payline, an effective end-to-end payroll solution. Calculate employee pay with just a few clicks while helping you adhere to Australian laws and business regulations.

ADP Payline has been designed to offer the highest level of data security and privacy while improving employee experience. A mobile-enabled and secure self-service portal enables employees to book and monitor leave and check their pay details at any time, from anywhere. ADP Payline also improves time management and helps businesses to be more competitive by driving efficiency and reducing costs.

A single system of record for all your employees

Built in partnership with small and medium-sized businesses like yours, ADP Payline is designed to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency to support growth.

Simpler payroll

Run payroll with complete accuracy, fast.

Supporting compliance

Adhere to Australian laws and regulations.

See the big picture

Access employee data that is held in one place.

Data security

ADP has years of experience of mitigating risk worldwide.

Run payroll with total confidence

Calculate payroll, including any exceptions, with complete accuracy. When you run your payroll, ADP Payline also helps you to process PAYG and Superannuation contributions. Submit STP pay event data to the ATO every pay process and populate employees MyGov account with current year to date values.

Benefit from updates on payroll legislation

Calculate and run all statutory deductions for Australia (mandatory and optional), and comply with your Single Touch Payroll mandatory reporting needs, so you can populate your employees’ income statements within MyGov.

Employee data is kept safe and private

A payroll process that is accurate and secure, from an employee’s first working day to their last. A robust and secure service portal stores all communications, including monthly inputs and approvals, and gives the viewer a comprehensive overview of requests and support issues in real time.

Access payslips with ease

Automatically create payslips and submit STP pay event data every pay process to your employees MyGov account has current year to date values - taxable income, tax and superannuation calculations. Manage access to the ADP Payline portal for your employees, management and HR staff.

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