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ADP® Payforce and ADP® Payline Add-ons

Complement your payroll solution with a range of products and services.

Get more out of ADP Payforce and ADP Payline with add-ons that help your business

Get exactly what your organisation needs with add-ons that complement the power of ADP Payforce and ADP Payline. Design a customised solution that will enable your team to:

  • Reduce errors: automate employees' time on the job and eliminate manual processes for time-tracking with time sheets integrated with payroll.
  • Make smarter workforce decisions: go beyond time sheets with a complete Time and Labour Management Solution that provides all the information you need to unify your workforce management.
  • Access expert legal guidance: get the advice you need to comply with Australian National Employment Standards and Modern Awards.
  • Lower overhead: make electronic salary payments and choose other flexible options to ensure employees are paid on time and efficiently.

ADP Payforce and ADP Payline Add-ons

WFS EmpLive

Use WFS EmpLive’s employee self-service tools to improve communication, streamline processes and automate data entry. Grant employees direct access to view and edit relevant personal information within the WFS EmpLive suite, empowering them to take a more active role in rostering processes.

Tools that empower:

  • View employee roster
  • Accept and decline shifts
  • Receive messages from management
  • Update availability
  • Update personal contact details
  • Update bank and human resources information
  • Receive notifications of certification or training expiry dates
  • Apply for leave
  • Complete and submit online timesheets

ADP Real Time

Capture the data you need across time and attendance, scheduling, and more, with a fully integrated time and labour management solution with either ADP Payforce or ADP Payline. Access time and labour management information that can help to inform efficiency decisions, control labour costs, minimise compliance risk, and improve individual and team productivity.

Powerful & flexible capabilities:

  • Data collection via web, biometric or swipe card inputs
  • Employee self-service with a consumer-level user interface
  • Attendance policy administration and control
  • Time-off requests and approvals configured to reflect your authorisation policies
  • Configurable workflows to reflect your organisation and industry best practice
  • Ad hoc and scheduled reporting using the integrated reporting tools
  • Time-sheet approvals configured to reflect your authorisation procedures and policies
  • Exception management to help you identify risks or resourcing challenges

Manage third-party payments

Reduce time, costs and risks with a managed payroll disbursement service.

Managing payroll deduction payments can be complex, with allocating payments to employees and third-party recipients such as PAYG tax, superannuation, health funds, insurance, child support, trade union fees and garnishees. Add the pressure of tight timescales with little margin for error, and you also add in the chance of mistakes, delays, the risk of non-compliance and unhappy employees. This can expose your company to potential fines and penalties, as well as a disengaged workforce.

ADP holds Australian Financial Services License (AFSL No. 312078) which entitles it to offer Electronic Payment Services (EPS). The following information is general advice and has been prepared without considering any individual’s objectives, financial situation or needs. Before deciding to use EPS, you should read the EPS Product Information Guide and consider whether EPS is appropriate for you.

ADP’s Electronic Payment Services has been alleviating these pressures for clients for many years.

  • Reduce administration burden – ADP will handle exceptions and bank reconciliations
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance – ADP takes full responsibility for tax payments and penalties
  • Reduce cost – any bank charges on payments to employees are likely to decrease

View the Electronic Payment Services (EPS) Product Information Guide.

Complaints Handling

ADP considers effective and efficient complaint management essential to establishing and maintaining harmonious and productive relationships with our clients.  ADP's aim is to identify, investigate and resolve complaints using a fair, transparent, objective and confidential process that achieves resolution in a timely manner. Refer to the ADP’ Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Policy for more information.

Better HR

Managing people is an issue for all employers, regardless of size.  Accessing expert advice and essential HR software is key for HR and business owners managing employment law compliance.

BetterHR’s team of experienced Employment Lawyers and certified HR Experts are available to help you with HR compliance, solve complex workplace issues, and avoid costly penalties and fines.

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