ADP customer service and support

Support for employees

For employees of a company that uses ADP solutions:

  • If you have forgotten your password, or are experiencing problems logging in, please contact your HR Department to re-set your password.
  • If you’re struggling to access your payslip, you should contact your organisation's payroll/HR team in the first instance.

The contact details below are for administrator support only. 

Support for ADP client administrators

For ADP Client Administrators, please contact us using your supplied contact details for your organisation to get support. 


Australia: 1300 730 378      
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Payforce - Processing Services (PS)

Australia: 1300 790 237
New Zealand: 0800 403 831
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Payforce - Managed Services (MS)

Australia: 1300 726 596
New Zealand: 0800 553 729
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Time & Attendance

Australia: 1300 756 283

Electronic Payment Services

Australia: 1300 955 280
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ADP Sales

Let’s talk about how our comprehensive HR & payroll solutions can support your business.

Australia: 1800 000 729
International: +61 3 9566 5100