Learn how ADP helped PayPal supporting the financial health of their employees with accurate and on-time pay.

Right at the outset I asked for a specific ADP project manager who I had worked with before. We really needed to have someone at ADP who was on board with our needs and that we could develop a strong relationship with. Someone who got our vision. And that’s what we got, and it made a huge difference.

Traci Memmott, Global Head of Payroll


  • 16 different providers. They were all on different platforms, they all had different contracts
  • A lot of compliance issues
  • Late payments
  • Incorrect data coming from our HR systems.
  • Payroll specialists were handling all of our case volumes and they weren’t keeping up.
  • Response times from vendors were really dismal
  • The quality of data from our HCM system wasn’t reliable


How ADP helped:

99.9% of PayPal's employees are now paid on ADP, and PayPal payroll problems are at an all-time low.

Switching to ADP has squashed data security issues. PayPal is now at least 90% compliant with all the requirements across their countries.

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