Lightening the global payroll load

Learn how ADP has enabled FedEx to run a much slicker and smoother operation where payroll is concerned.

With ADP’s Global Payroll I can now check which country’s payroll is on time and if any have missed their cut off dates, so I don’t have to request information from different payroll teams. We now have international ownership and one system to gather information with all data in the same format. And in addition, the standardised systems allow us to apply a set of standardised controls as well.

Natascha Moore, International Payroll Manager and Global Process Owner Payroll


  • Getting FedEx’s payroll operation absolutely perfect.
  • It was vital that FedEx got on top of any issues with their payroll before. Most notably, payroll was spread across over 100 teams worldwide, resulting in a lack of international escalation paths and very limited best-practice sharing.
  • FedEx’s various European regions and payroll teams were using over 68 different applications between them.
  • Mindful of the imminent GDPR legislation, the issue of data security was more important than ever before.

How ADP helped:

All in all, ADP has enabled FedEx to run a much slicker and smoother operation where payroll is concerned. Employees can be confident that their pay is being dealt with both efficiently and transparently, and payroll teams are all on the same wavelength.

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