Learn how ADP is supporting Amazon on the payroll transformation journey.

Any time you select a partner, you’re looking for 2 things: great technology and a great team to work with. With ADP we have both. Our ADP team is knowledgeable and there to advise us and answer our questions. That, combined with ADP’s robust and adaptable global technology, gives us confidence that our employees are taken care of.


Greg Harmer, Global Head of Payroll


Amazon needed a payroll solution that could keep pace with its explosive growth.
Amazon was looking for a long-term payroll partner who could provide not only industry-leading technology but a team of legislative experts to help the company comply with global compliance regulations and stringent security requirements on the ground.

How ADP helped:

On short notice and with ADP’s help, we moved half a million employees to weekly pay, the largest pay cycle acceleration in history. There was no room for error and no time to waste. All of this was done on ADP technology. The team at ADP had our back — and they nailed it.
ADP’s global expertise and decades of experience mean we know our employee data is safe.

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