How Amazon relies on ADP to pay over one million of its employees worldwide

Listen to Greg Harmer, Global Head of Payroll Amazon, talking about how ADP is supporting them on the payroll transformation journey

Any time you select a partner, you’re looking for 2 things: great technology and a great team to work with. With ADP we have both. Our ADP team is knowledgeable and there to advise us and answer our questions. That, combined with ADP’s robust and adaptable global technology, gives us confidence that our employees are taken care of.

Greg Harmer, Global Head of Payroll


Amazon needed a payroll system that could keep pace with its explosive growth. In recent times it has expanded by between 20-40% per year and shows no sign of slowing down. The pandemic, in particular, took that expansion to new heights and has now led to 1.3 million employees worldwide that need to be paid in a variety of time intervals: monthly, biweekly, and weekly.

How ADP helped:

In addition to ADP’s US product offering, its wealth of experience in global multi-country payroll was particularly invaluable in aiding Amazon to be a successful employer in the Middle East. Whether it’s taxation rules, labour reporting, or region-specific benefits

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