Payroll is the lifeblood of your business, so it’s natural to feel nervous about anything that threatens to interrupt it. When switching to a new payroll service provider, knowing what information you will need ahead of time can help smooth the changeover, minimize disruptions for your employees and preserve your peace of mind.

Consider these areas to get the most out of your transition:


If you’re already automating payroll, you should have easy access to all your records. A high-quality provider will give you a clear and comprehensive list of all the necessary data required for a timely and error-free changeover.


Your new payroll service partner should provide you with an implementation team and help you assemble your own project team. The number of stakeholders will depend on the size of your business and how many services you’re using. Some small organizations may only need one decisionmaker.


Every payroll service provider uses its own system and some are easier to learn than others. Before you switch, make sure your new partner offers the hands-on training and individual attention you’ll need to become proficient on their platform. Ask for digital learning tools, dedicated account resources and in-product demos.


If you haven’t yet integrated your payroll with benefit or retirement services, transitioning to a new provider offers a convenient opportunity to do so. Integration can help you manage compliance requirements, save time and money, and improve employee experiences.

For more information on how to make a smooth and successful switch to a new payroll provider, download ADP’s Payroll Switcher’s Guide.