Workplace Gender Equality Employer Statement

At ADP, we believe “Each person counts”. This core value has helped shape our one-of-a-kind culture which embraces diversity, equity, inclusiveness and belonging.

We are deeply committed to upholding fair and equitable pay, which we believe is critical to creating a diverse, inclusive and engaging culture. Pay fairness is also essential to creating an environment of trust to help our associates thrive and reach their full potential, positively impacting the communities where they live.

At ADP we make pay decisions based on skills, job-related experience, the market value of the job and performance.

ADP Australia welcomes the disclosure of Gender Pay Equity analytics as they help companies measure and improve gender representation across job levels.

We are very proud of all actions, programs and initiatives launched at ADP to encourage women representation in leadership roles, or in positions that traditionally attract a higher number of male candidates. For example:

  • iWIN (International Women's Inclusion Network) engages, equips and empowers women to achieve personal and professional success to drive ADP’s business results
  • #BreakTheCeiling gender diversity initiative aims to drive optimal performance through inclusion of a diverse leadership team. It focuses on establishing role models at all levels of the organization to inspire women, sponsoring our female talent to facilitate leadership advancement, and delivering unconscious bias training to all our Associates
  • Women In Sales Leadership (WISL) focuses on mentoring and empowering women in sales leadership positions, developing women who want to become sales leaders. Our Emerging Leaders program in Sales focuses on balancing gender mix in our succession planning
  • Women in Leadership (WIL) promotes leadership and career advancement opportunities for our executive women with the mantra: “lift as you climb”, so that every step you move forward you bring someone with you

We are confident our programs will allow us to reach our gender representation goals at all levels in the company and are proud of female representation in our senior roles. ADP is helmed by our first female CEO, Maria Black, and both our Employer Services International President (Virginia Magliulo) and Senior Vice President APAC (Jessica Zhang) are women leaders. I personally have the pleasure of being the General Manager of Australia & New Zealand since 2021.

Gender pay gap statistics show the difference between the average or median pay of women and men across organisations, industries, and the entire workforce, irrespective of their roles. We are confident of the actions and initiatives we’ve launched to encourage female representation in leadership roles, or positions that traditionally attract a higher number of male candidates, contributing to reducing gender pay gaps. 

Gender pay analytics also reflect a higher proportion of women in our industry requesting flexible working or part-time arrangements to support carer or family obligations. ADP is a strong advocate for flexible arrangements.

In parallel, we have taken the following actions to date to monitor activities in support of pay fairness at ADP and will continue seeking new ways to advance and progress in our commitment to pay fairness.

  • Global Job Architecture: Introduced a career framework that provides a common understanding of comparable work across the globe with consistent grades.
  • Salary ranges: developed salary ranges using market survey data, which are typically updated on an annual basis where needed.
  • Salary history ban: a proactive stance of no longer asking candidates to provide salary history is currently in place at ADP in the US and is being introduced in ADP International locations including Australia.
  • Proactive reviews: we periodically compare the base pay of women to men in peer positions, then make salary adjustments where appropriate to promote equal pay for equal work. We have also incorporated pay equity reviews into our year-end compensation cycle.

Kylie Baullo

General Manager Australia & New Zealand