As you’re deciding to outsource your payroll to a service provider, it can be tempting to be swayed by pricing. Yet, as a mid-sized or large company, it’s wiser to focus on customer service, to avoid unexpected issues later on. 

Here are 4 reasons why customer service is so important when choosing your payroll service provider. 

1. Access to experts 

Payroll can be complex, particularly when you’re dealing with compliance across multiple states and have to keep up with changes that Fair Work and the Australian Taxation Office continue to roll out. You need payroll experts to resolve your queries fast. Having an expert on local regulations can mean the difference between fines for noncompliance, or not. At ADP, our 1500+ payroll specialists offer in-country expertise, plus a personal commitment to delivering ongoing support for your business. 

2. Excellent customer support 

Problems with payroll often don’t happen predictably. Whether it’s manual input errors or a cybersecurity breach, your teams need a payroll service partner with a robust customer service and support offering. Ensure the partner provides offers multichannel customer support: from phone and email to chat or messaging features. Your organisation needs business continuity plans in case the worst happens, plus experts in collaboration to iron out more run-of-the-mill payroll niggles. 

3. Easy set-up 

Implementing any new system, whether it’s payroll, HR or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) takes time and support to get right. Be wary of payroll service providers who outsource their implementation to third parties. Your organisation needs consistent service from experts who know your business so they can offer informed advice. At ADP we use our in-house implementation specialists to set up all new clients. They collect your data, set up your system and run checks before you go live. They’ll also share their experience with implementing your HR system with our payroll solution. 

4. Seamless integration 

Integration of multiple systems is essential to save your business time and money. The right payroll provider will have intuitive integrations that are easy to use. No more duplication and inaccuracies from manual input. What you integrate depends on your needs, but could include workforce management, time tracking, a human resource information system (HRIS) or accounting software. 

Think of outsourcing your payroll as a partnership and expect to see your business become more resilient and cost-efficient. 

“We didn’t sign up for a service provider. What we signed up for — and what we are in — is a partnership.”

Volker Schrank

Senior Director of Employee Experience and HR Technology, Mondelez