ADP® Australia confirms Payline® and Payforce® products are Single Touch Payroll ready

21 May, 2018

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – May 21, 2018 – ADP Australia today advises that the latest product releases for the Payforce and Payline payroll solutions, are ready for Single Touch Payroll (STP).

Released over the weekend of 19-20 May 2018, the cloud delivery of these Australian payroll systems means that all users of these products can be enabled for Single Touch Payroll, including ADP’s STP Lodgement Service.

Contained within the product release is ADP’s STP Lodgement Service, which will validate, package and submit STP payroll event data to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). The service is powered by ADP QC Check (QC Check), a built in quality control solution to validate data before it’s submitted to the ATO. QC Check also helps to keep track of your STP lodgement files and their progress through to ATO acceptance.

As noted by the ATO, the introduction of STP is a significant step in the digital reporting from Australian businesses to government departments. STP requires employers to transmit data to the ATO every time, on or before the date employees are paid. The ATO are using this data to provide greater transparency that employers are meeting their business obligations and to determine if businesses need ATO assistance. STP data transmission will occur with all payruns, adjustments and updates.

The ADP STP Lodgement Service provides feedback on the validity of a client’s data. Once the pay process is run, QC Check identifies the data that needs to be corrected (down to the contentrow and field of data in the file) plus it will translate the ATO error messages and suggest solutions*. QC Check focuses on helping businesses to process STP data and provides transparency of errors that either need to be fixed or consider in the future - giving businesses the ability to manage data before submitting it to the ATO.

Eddie Megas, Managing Director ADP Australia & New Zealand, “We recognise that payroll is complex and with the introduction of STP there are more processes to manage. There is a real possibility that payroll managers may be faced with an increasing burden of managing reporting obligations that come with every pay process and responding to ATO questions on any anomalies. Our combined payroll and lodgement service streamlines STP processes significantly.

I’m very pleased that ADP can offer this level of service, to help clients reduce the risk of inadvertently sending incorrect data to the ATO.”

The ADP STP Lodgement Service is developed according to the ATO version 3 specifications. Importantly, version 3 specifications mean that partial files submissions can be managed with the ATO. This enables ADP to work within the ATO processes to assist clients in getting their STP data correct, without potentially delaying reporting for all employees. The ATO’s version 2 specifications will return the full data file and the file can only be accepted and passed onto your employees, when all data errors are resolved. As ADP has obtained a deferred start date for its clients from the ATO, the transition to the new STP process will be staggered for ADP customers in order to ensure the end of financial year processes and client experience is not impacted.

The ADP STP Lodgement Service provides you with the ability to meet ATO lodgement obligations, directly from ADP’s payroll solutions. The ADP Lodgement Service provides insight to lodgements progress and history, an efficient error handling solution and the ability to assess your compliance with the ATO’s data requirements.

Compliance with the ATO’s STP reporting is mandatory for all business with 20 or more employees from 1 July 2018. Employers with less than 20 employees will likely need to comply from 1 July 2019. Some deferral or exemptions can apply; review your options and STP information at

*Suggested solutions to ATO errors will be available in future product releases

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